Net Meeting software mainly just requires a supporting operating system. The minimum system requirements are a 90 MHz processor, 16 mega bytes RAM, a Web browser, a high-speed Internet connection, 4MB of free hard disk space and sound card with microphone and speakers.Net Meeting software provides access to a variety of resources, including developer tools, loading areas, communication forums and product information. Services including updates, enhancements, addition of new Web properties and other new features are included in the terms of use. Unless specified, the services can be used for personal and non-commercial use.Visit

It is illegal to distribute copy, transfer, publish or sell any information, software products or services. The software can be downloaded for use by the end user according to the license agreement. The software requires one to register before using the services.The services provided by Net Meeting software include e-mail services, bulletin board services, chat areas, news groups, forums, personal web pages, calendars, photo albums, file cabinet and other messages and communication facility which enable one to communicate with others. Communication services are only to post, send and to receive messages. The service providers will not give any protection facility.

Virtual meetings in the web provide an effective and economically viable platform for modern-day global communication that occurs in clinical trials. With the advancement witnessed by the technology many adopt the virtual web meeting for general purposes, while companies like Investigators Meeting Planner employ the latest web technology to meet the specific requirements in a Clinical Investigators Meeting.

Many implement the virtual web meetings as it puts rein over the over-stretched budgets and as an effective tool to communicate and bring all the investigators and study team together. . It is typically held when the person initiating the meeting creates a new agenda in the tool adopted and then sends the invitation to the participants that state the date and time of the conference, and the login instructions. This gives the participants ample warning to install the software to enable their participation.

Virtual meeting in the web include a myriad of web technology such as the transfer of text messages, teleconferencing, VoIP and video conferencing,

o Text-chat

Most of the web-conferencing service tools come with an in-built text-chat tool that can be used to communicate with limited participants or the entire group according to their discretion.

o Teleconferencing
The integration of the teleconferencing option to the online meeting tools create a platform for speaking to the participants while the meeting is in progress.

o VoIP
VoIP is a technology that aids to make calls over the Web and is typically cheaper than the teleconferencing services.

o Videoconferencing
This can produce a ‘face-to-face’ interaction through the employment of a web cam or a studio-based system in which a room comes with the overhead cameras, document viewers, slide viewers, etc. for enhanced quality.

A virtual meeting in the web comes with tools that permit the exchange of documents, desktops, whiteboards where the pictures, files, etc. can be downloaded. With the screen sharing tools giving access to the desktop or restricted access to a part of the screen, it has become easier to share resources between the participants in the meeting.

Virtual businesses are the stuff of dreams. Pick a beach, any beach. Imagine yourself sitting on a tropical deserted island basking in the sun, listening to the ocean and running a multi-million dollar company. Not just anybody’s multi-million dollar company, but your own. Ask almost any business owner in the world and you’ll get the same answer.The cool thing is that the possibilities exist for this scenario to come to fruition for tens of thousands of people. It may not be a multi-million dollar enterprise, but you can sure make a darn good living, sitting on or near a beach. This is all made possible through the advances of technology. More specifically, the incredible array of software that’s now available to help you run a business is better, faster and downright cheap.

Virtual businesses are becoming the norm, rather than the exception. Let’s take a simple example of making and receiving a call. There are several really good answering services / call answering software available. Today, they operate in what is being called “The Cloud.” The cloud is nothing more than software that someone else manages and supports for you. These services allow you to be a SMALL company, but look like a BIG one. Customers only need call one number to easily find and communicate with you. These services provide features like: “hunt”, “rollover, “transfer”, “music on hold” and much, much more.

Other great software for virtual businesses includes applications for virtual meetings and collaboration. With these software products you can literally hold a board meeting, pointing to slides, drawing on a “whiteboard”, switching presenters and so much more. Traveling, as they say, is so old school. In fact, the beauty of these type of solutions is that you can hold meetings “on the fly,” even while people are literally scattered across the world.Some terrific software is absolutely free. In fact, the software from the largest search engine in the world, allows you to share documents, such as spreadsheets, PDFs, files, and more. The best thing about this free service is that you can collaborate on these documents in a shared capacity with your colleagues.